History day has been a gruesome experience, but I am glad that this project was pushed on to me. My topic is about the CIA recruiting the Hmong people to fight against the North Vietnam Army in the Vietnam War. I got this topic from my APUSH teacher Mr. Marrin. At first, my history day topic was going to be about the United States pulling out of the Vietnam War. But Mr. Marrin suggested that I should do my topic about the Hmong people and the CIA. Being Hmong myself, I decided to do this topic because I wanted to know more about my people and their place in the war.
 At first I thought this topic was going to be simple and that the Hmong people voluntarily join the war, but I later found out that this goes into greater dept. I never knew that Communism played a huge role in the war and that there was another faction in Laos that was trying to take over. I also thought that General Vang Pao was just a general in the war but he played the largest role in this whole diplomatic negation.

My major sources came from my interview with my families, a documentary, and a few books. I got some newspaper article and a majority of the articles went over the Geneva Accord of  1962. But the books were the most information sources because those books went into detail of what really happened during that time period. In my opinion, I think the book tragic mountain to be the most useful book out of all of the books that I have collected for history day.   

For my History Day project, I decided to do a website because I found it to the most convenient entry. To make this website, I went to YouTube and typed down “How To Make A Website On Weebly” and that video showed me how to make a website. And I found this to be a very easy process.

This topic relates to this year’s theme because it is a form of diplomacy that involves a negation between the Hmong and the CIA. And along the way there are some success and failure. But the Hmong people received the harshest punishment for helping the United States during the Vietnam War. This is a very important topic in history because not many people know that the Hmong people fought in the Vietnam War. Plus, this topic isn’t even in history books. I think everyone should know that there were more two countries fighting in the Vietnam War, and there was another battlefield that was kept secret from the public. Plus, we also get to know the origin of the many Hmong refugees and immigrants throughout the world.